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Semenya focuses on exams, ignores 'idiots'

By Daniel Mothowagae | 2017-07-07 07:05:26.0

Caster Semenya is focusing on her tertiary examinations at the moment and doesn't have time for "idiots".

This is how the 800m Olympic champion reacted to the latest storm where her name has been dragged into another gender debate after new research published this week claimed that women runners born with high testosterone levels enjoy a "significant competitive advantage".

The study, which seeks to ban athletes with hyperandrogenism - a condition that causes high natural levels of testosterone in women - was funded by the IAAF and the World Anti-Doping Agency.

Semenya, 26, however, told Sowetan yesterday that "I don't have time for idiots" when asked for her views on the document published by the IAAF on Monday.

"I don't have time for people who don't care about me," said the runner, who is sitting for her sports science exams at the University of North West.

The IAAF said in a statement this week that it would use the research as one part of the evidence when it argues its pending case later this month against the Court of Arbitration in Sport (CAS) over Indian champion Dutee Chand.

The 21-year-old sprinter was suspended by the IAAF but the world athletics governing body cleared her to compete against women after CAS ruled in her favour two years ago.

Semenya, meanwhile, said she had put her race schedule on hold owing to her academic commitments. She pointed out that yesterday's Diamond League meeting in Lausanne was not part of her plans, adding that she also withdrew from an invitational meeting in Nigeria set for next week.

"I will finish writing next week and go to Rabat [Morocco Diamond League]."

The IAAF said the latest research won't have an impact at the World Championships in London next month.