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ORLANDO Pirates fullback Thabo Matlaba was set to face an internal grilling yesterday and a possible fine from his club after a needless sending off on Wednesday night that soured celebrations for his coach Vladimir Vermezovic.


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As Lekhosi, I also did not see anything wrong that warranted a red card here. I think the referee pulled out a red card instead of a yellow by mistake.

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Matlaba was stupid. he stepped on the guy's foot and he (victim) didn't even had the ball.

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that was a yellow card offense but I still think Pitso is bitter

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Bitter and Arrogant

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Come on, Bra Pitso, stop acting like a spoil brat. The offence was committed at the dying minutes of the game. Stop blaming Refs for your defeat. Blame your strikers for lacking the composure to finish. Dust yourself, Pitso and continue with the marathon

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I don't think he wanted to injure the player. Sometime the deep winning excitement failed you to thing twice that is why the touchline experts said the referee was too harsh. You can put your soccer boots on the opponent soccer boots but didn't injure the player and the player can pretend as injury plus Pitso frustration let Matlaba matching order. Matlaba is a young player and need brotherly advice. Matlaba matching order pass by the same player coming in the field again.

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That was definately a yellow card offence, not red. but what I want to know is, why did the refery adher to Pitso's suggestion of issuing a red for Matlaba? does Mr Robert Smith lack balls to think for himself if he wants to give a card or not?

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Pitso needs to grow up

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Akhule angabikho mfitshane nje ngawe ha!ha!ha!

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So who took the

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For the record and benefit to the less informed, Card inspection is done an hour before kick off to give the affected party the opportunity to remedy the situation. Sundowns manager Mike Ntombela was made aware that the player`s card had expired, and Nana informed Pitso not to field the player. Pitso being his arrogant self, vehemently refused and said the player`s new card will be taken and inspected during the interval. Hence the protest was officially lodged during the interval. My brotherly advice to Pitso, ACCEPT DEFEAT AND MOVE ON.

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I dont condone reckless tackles on the pitch buy players but the referee's decision to issue a red card to Matlaba remains questionable. I believe he was put under pressure by Pitso and his crue to do something hence the situation was a bit sour. Soccer is a very phisical game but referees needs to stand their ground in making sound decisions during the game. As for VV please be considerate to your playrs as well, telling the media that internal steps will be taken against Matlaba might kill the players spirit and confidence. Internal issues must be dealt with internally, the world does not need to know about it

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Sure Bhakhania, but I cant help thinking that he said that in the heat of the moment. Nna my biggest problem is, the ref was infuenced by Pitso's dancing to issue a red card, is that allowed?

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that was not necessary, hope he's learnt his lessons, am worried about him and Roy, they make lots of silly mistakes lately, is it early nerves?

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Coach, this belongs in the dressing room. Anyway you have the extremely talented Phungwayo who can slot into that position and makes us not to miss Matlaba. UP THE BUCS MAAN

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thanks Sdakwa, keep the dirty linen indoors

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m so confused with this officials, you look at solomon mathe's tackle on Yitjukutja in the mtn8 which characterise a streight red but did not see even a yellow. this one for matlaba needed a verbal warning but he saw red...eish son!!!!!

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