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Gordhan's application politically motivated

Gupta-owned Oakbay Investments has questioned the timing of Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan’s legal .

Tight security for Chiefs game

By Ramatsiyi Moholoa | 2013-04-18 07:22:19.0 | COMMENTS [ 23 ]

SECURITY fears after recent incidents of fan misbehaviour at games has prompted organisers to reduce Dobsonville Stadium's capacity for Saturday night's clash between Moroka Swallows and Kaizer Chiefs.

Despite huge interest in the PSL fixture, Swallows will sell only 15000 tickets for the 18000-seat venue.

Swallows' brand and communications manager Siyabonga Sangweni said: "We expect a huge crowd because Chiefs are in the running for the league and have a big following.

"The stadium can accommodate 18000 but, after consultation with the PSL, we have decided to sell 15000 tickets for security reasons.

"We started selling tickets on Monday and expect to put up a sold-out board by the end of this week."

Sangweni said R40 tickets for adults would be on sale only at Computicket outlets and Shoprite stores.

He said their decision to sell tickets through this system was prompted by adult fans fraudulently buying R10 juvenile tickets.

"They change R10 to R40 (on the tickets sold at the ground) with a black pen, for night games, making it difficult for security guards to pick it up."

Sangweni also warned that police in civilian clothing would patrol the grounds and arrest anyone trying to sell counterfeit tickets.

On the game, Sangweni told Chiefs not to expect an easy ride.

"We always do well against the so-called top guns. We are not a charity organisation and are not in the business of donating points. We want maximum points to qualify for the top-eight spot.

"There will no favours because we also want to protect the image of our club. Chiefs will get a shock if they expect an easy game."


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Why don't you change to a bigger venue, fools. We will destroy you in your own backyard, period.

2013-04-18 07:55:11.0 | 0 replies


You just have to admit that this is the National Chiefs year, Swallows or Platinum Pierats we winning the LIG.

2013-04-18 11:59:46.0 | 0 replies

I just hope we will get a dissent, competent referee.

2013-04-18 13:15:51.0 | 0 replies

all chiefs suportes are ba**boons, they are big mouth, want to be refferes as well< i wish platinum stars win the league to have peace of mind in town

No Broer, the desrve to talk a lot because their Team is doing well and the Trophy is in their hands, wait until they win 3 games Swallows, Supper Sport and Ajax, then then one draw other 1 game Platinum Stars, University of Pretoria game will mean nothing. They just need 10 points from their remaning 5 games

Pirates & Stars have 46 points and if they win all their 5 games, they can only reach 61

So Chiefs Fans " Ba dula ba Thabile" it is their year, their season, Let us rejoice with them and not be sad, they did well from the start, winning 2 Q, they proved it, who knows they might win Q4 as well, more money, reason to have big mounth.

2013-04-18 13:32:42.0 | 0 replies

all chiefs suportes are ba**boons, they are big mouth, want to be refferes as well< i wish platinum stars win the league to have peace of mind in town
@voetzet, fotsek man- en my coach is showing u the middle finger in our other article.mxm..!!!!

2013-04-18 13:44:29.0 | 0 replies

If they beat Platinum Stars, it is finished, because they can only reach 60 points, I mean if they win other games

2013-04-18 14:48:11.0 | 0 replies

Its not surprising that neighbours Pirates are struggling at the back these days. Siya Sangweni left them, performed a plastic surgery, and joined Swallows as their spokesperson. It never rains but pours for the once mighty Barks.

2013-04-18 15:08:21.0 | 0 replies

If they beat Platinum Stars, it is finished, because they can only reach 60 points, I mean if they win other games


wats up with that stupid 1st yr, 1st semester statistical analysis , wat weet jy?

no wat ifs hers, chfs is home and dry already

2013-04-18 15:50:36.0 | 0 replies

Goalmouth pls stop calling people fools r u a clever? dat is the home ground of swallows u cannot come here and tell them wat 2 do bcos they are not telling any team wat 2 do if is they home game including chiefs so u like it or not de game will take place at Dobsie finish and klaar chiefs is not more important dan other teams as long as dey play in de PSL they are just like any other team pls man

2013-04-18 16:38:54.0 | 0 replies

I just can't understant PSL rules, you complain of Fans not coming to Stadiums, when you have the opportunity to fill the stadium you restrict fans to come in. Where is logic here, why cant you take the game to a bigger venue, after all the money is for the home Team Swallows

Man I've been aking myself the same questions. Swallows is doing the same thing that Wits have done when they kick us out of Telkom. They dont mind loosing money and they rather take Chiefs to a smaller venue.

You see what these smaller team dont realize is that big teams especially Chiefs have contributed a lot towards making this PSL brand a brand that itis today. Maybe we should conside following Spanish models where by bigger teams like Barca and Madrid get the lions share when it comes TV rights and other benefits of La Liga.

PSL should consider giving Chiefs and Pirates R2 / 3m rands monthly grant and the rest gets half of that cause Chiefs and Pirates have sacrificed a lot when it comes to building PSL. If teams like Swallows and Wits dont want their brand to grow, cut their monthly grants to reflect the size of their brands finish. People want to go to stadium and they are told they wont get all tickets. That is nonsense

2013-04-19 08:20:46.0 | 0 replies

those dube birds are still in 6s and 7s after their last away match to that cape side. what harm can they possible impose on chfs?

they are severly wounded physically, psychologically & emotionally

2013-04-18 11:31:06.0 | 0 replies