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Herbalist offers muti to Bafana

By Sapa | 2013-01-21 13:40:26.0 | COMMENTS [ 86 ]

A herbalist from the Eastern Cape, Reuben Matewu, says he can help Bafana Bafana win matches at the Africa Cup of Nations

South Africa settled for a goalless draw in their Afcon opener against Cape Verde Islands at the National Stadium on Saturday, compounding concerns about their ability to find the back of the net.

“I can help Bafana Bafana for free if they want, and I'll do that for the first three matches,” Matewu told trufm, a regional SABC radio station, on Sunday. “Thereafter I will charge them as they would have started winning.

“I’m not like those people who use bad muti. I will only use herbs, which are easily available here in South Africa.”  

While he would start charging for his services after a few matches, Matewu insisted he was not after the money.

Chief Mwelo Nonkonyana, the vice-president of the SA Football Association (Safa) and chairman of the Afcon local organising committee, said Matewu’s offer might be considered.

“We always welcome whatever help we can get to ensure Bafana Bafana do well,” Nonkonyana said.

“Let the man speak to me and see what we can do after that.”  

Sibonelo Madela, a traditional healer from Ulundi in KwaZulu-Natal, had threatened to prevent Bafana from winning matches.

This was after he claimed he was owed R90,000 by Safa for assisting the team during the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Madela claimed that Bafana used his muti before their 2-1 victory over France during the group stages of the global showpiece. Despite the win, they were knocked out in the first round of the competition.

Safa spokesman Dominic Chimhavi reportedly said at the time that Nonkonyana had given Madela R10,000 out of “his own goodwill”, but no deal had been made between the inyanga and the national football body.


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i blame magwinya a marabastad for us not to win
kikikikiki! Hai Kweps wa mpolaya!

2013-01-21 14:51:43.0 | 0 replies

ROBOT..Its African countries we are talking about,known for using muti, so lets try our best muti in SA and see whos the best..its the battle of muti..

2013-01-21 15:07:54.0 | 0 replies

But all the teams/players pray before the games, if one win and the other looses, is it because Almighty loves one better than the other? I dont think so, Dont bring God into gambling, He is not a gambler, Football is a gabling game

2013-01-21 15:09:26.0 | 0 replies

4tsek,will that muthi kick and score the goals what we need is the goals not muthi.

2013-01-21 15:10:18.0 | 0 replies

lol this is hilarious! yaxoka maan wena ufuna attention fela!

2013-01-21 15:24:15.0 | 0 replies

DJ-Winner, Ka Ms K, o tlo bolawa mfana. Gona NIA mo, e tlo go sala morago

2013-01-21 15:26:35.0 | 0 replies

Chief Mwelo Nonkonyana, the vice-president of the SA Football Association (Safa) and chairman of the Afcon local organising committee, said Matewu’s offer might be considered.

Say, what! I don't believe this! Jho bathong they are actually considering it. Maybe they should consult Lance Armstrong instead.

Good one.

2013-01-21 15:27:38.0 | 0 replies


2013-01-21 15:33:15.0 | 0 replies

Nonkonyana if you reverse the name it says "Ananyoknon" . and that its a herbal medicine for good luck.
so Ananyoknon you waist our money with Sangoma......Bafana will loose anyway.

2013-01-21 15:34:08.0 | 0 replies

You sound like Dr Baba Sallam .............LOL!

2013-01-21 15:06:35.0 | 0 replies

@s.cold - you are right - these tricks are very commonly used by psychics as well. It is called cold reading.

2013-01-21 15:05:57.0 | 0 replies