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Mamabolo is convinced drug ban won't stand

By Ramatsiyi Moholoa | 2012-12-20 07:19:33.0 | COMMENTS [ 20 ]

LUDWICK Mamabolo has set up a training camp outside Zion City Moria in Limpopo to start preparations for the Two Oceans Marathon in Cape Town on Easter Saturday.

His lawyers, on the other hand, are challenging the validity of the doping charge against the suspended Comrades Marathon winner.

Mamabolo, 35, said he was not worried about the drugs scandal, which arose after his urine sample tested positive for a banned substance following his historic Comrades Marathon victory.

He said he would be back on the road as early as next month.

"I do not smoke nor drink alcohol. I have never taken drugs in my life because I was brought up in a Christian family. I still maintain that I'm innocent. I have a very good team of lawyers, I'm highly impressed with the manner they are representing me in this case.

"I have no fear about the outcome because I'm confident that I will win it. There are a lot of things that were not properly done," said Mamabolo, whose R300,000 prize money has been withheld by the Comrades Marathon Association pending the outcome of the case.

In an interview with radio show host Simon "Kolobe" Ramafalo on Thobela FM's popular sports show, Mabaleng A Dipapadi, on Tuesday night, Mamabolo said: "For me the bigger picture is the Comrades Marathon next year. I want to make more history by winning it too."

Mamabolo's legal team is made up of Advocate Gilbert Marcus SC, Advocate Kate Hofmeyr and Werksmans Attorneys, all of whom are acting pro bono for the athlete.

At the close of a South African Institute for Drug- Free Sport (Saids) disciplinary hearing on Friday, the athlete's legal team brought an application to have the case dropped. The lawyers want the adjudication panel to stop the hearing, arguing that serious irregularities took place during the urine sample collection process after Mamabolo won the Comrades on June 3.

They argued that, based on the evidence given by Saids witnesses, it was clear that the entire testing process was fatally flawed, which should nullify the test results. The adjudication panel indicated that it would hand down its decision in the middle of next month.


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I sincerely hope he wins this one. It is always sad when an athlete falls from grace. I have never been able to believe that he had been taking performance enhancers. Too poor for that. Big ups to the attorneys working for him for free.

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@MommaC - So they are arguing process. I wonder if the doping control officials were properly trained?
My guess is that officials were properly tested. People always come up with technicalities when things don't go their way. Sometimes it goes to a point of, "just because I am black", or "just because I am a woman" or "just because I am a black woman". If I remember well, he also failed the second tests.

The guy could have consumed a banned substance unknowingly and have a clean conscience about the matter. Painful as it is but rules are rules and must be adhered to.

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I haven't been involved in doping control for over a decade but Doping SA used to take some short-cuts back then which could be used to get him off. The procedure during collection is very clearly set out and any move away from that will make the whole thing null and void.

He really does need to find out what he took though. It isn't about alcohol or tik, it is about stuff that is legal but are considered performance enhancers. My argument against the 'accidental' excuse is that if he was allergic to it, he would make damn sure it didn't pass his lips so it isn't unreasonable to expect him to check labels for something that his sport is 'allergic' to

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My word of gratitude goes to the lawyer's pro bono work. We need more people in this country who are liberal in giving and do voluntary work to help the dispossessed abandon by the ANC gov. I wonder if the runner drank isiwasho from ZCC

@ Voetzek
expletives so early in the morning?! itakunyisa is taking its tol. stop it!

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@Sir_Ndelide - Sirndelide "I wonder if the runner drank isiwasho from ZCC "
I doubt if isiwasho would test positive for banned substance; though it is possible. It could be one of those beverages they take during the race for hydration or some medication. My suspicion is on the drinks he took during the race. Anyway, that is just my speculation.

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this year doping control officials are not using proper equipments !

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What were they using?

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the sooner they finalise the case the better, my final 2012 comrades position depend on the outcome of this case.

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Jeses u ko Moria!
That doping body doesn't stand a chance. lol la moitse lekganyani?? lol

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@Voetzek - Why is it any Black SA'n atllete who become victorius is subjected to humiliation drug test, this is racist at the highest level and must be immediately killed, I last saw caster semenya in the final olympic that she was avoiding to win because of this, F***K you
Charl Matthews was also stripped off his comrades marathon title after failing the dope test. MommaC is right, grow up.

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So they are arguing process. I wonder if the doping control officials were properly trained?

Grow up!

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