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In sickness and in health

Medical students get married in November in order to ensure they don’t get sent to far-flung posts i.

Palacios' secret out - Staffer, baby, papgeld row

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I agree with "Mind your language" that it was an accident. He even broke his back in the process.
Beware of amabobodlwane.

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Vele kunje, all girls/womans/ladies they does this in the name of money and being paraside. If you may take a look in the Locations, we have Somalians childrens, indians and abelungu they are brought by our sisters. Now a new born Portugal is born from the office at work. Thatha intombi/Umfazi ayosebenza bazombhebha ukhulise umlanjwana.

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So the accident was just a quicky in the Pirates offices and wala baby boy was born eish mare lokuhalela kwethu thina madoda bheka manje izinkinga zodwa

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Im catholic, married............... Fukc didnt think about that when you unzipped, should have milked the lizard instead..............

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once a pi-rate, always a loser

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Slow news day?

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Bo_Njenje ba ja ka mo ntle kamo!

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Man up Njeje, take care of you spawn.

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@ Mwelase, lol, not sure if i should be laffing, but I am facing an almost similar situation where this office colleague of mine is willing and available, but again I have a partner she knows still that doesnt stop her, Jozi is nice when you still available to play arround.

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