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Cookware firm doesn't deliver

By unknown | Jul 14, 2010 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

BE VERY careful not to be conned by a door-to-door salesperson.

BE VERY careful not to be conned by a door-to-door salesperson.

Nu Cook Tech Convection and Trading is currently knocking on one door after the other and victimising consumers in their own homes. They con people into buying cookware and water purifiers and then they do not deliver the goods.

Last year Nu Cook was accused of failing to deliver goods worth R50000 to three nurses in Harrismith in KwaZulu-Natal.

The nurses only received their goods after Consumer Line intervened on their behalf.

This year the company's agents are in Ermelo in Mpumalanga where they sell their wares to unsuspecting consumers.

The company also does not comply with the laws that allow consumers to cancel the contract within the five-day cooling off period when people can change their minds if the seller personally solicited and presented the contract in their home.

Legally, people selling goods door-to-door must advise consumers of the cancellation period and acknowledgement of it must be part of any contract that a consumer signs.

Vivian Mampe of Ermelo is now indebted to Nedbank to the tune of R10 000 for cookware that she does not have.

Mampe said a salesman, Gift, from Nu Cook Tech Convection, knocked at her door in February to sell her water purifiers and conventional ovens.

"I wanted the oven, but I told him that I could not buy then because I still needed to clear my debts," Mampe said.

But the smooth-talking salesman persuaded her to complete their forms "because the company would want to see the names of the people he demonstrated their wares to", Mampe said.

She said she gave him her details on the understanding that she would confirm the order once she had reduced her debts.

"I then referred him to my sister-in-law, who also said she would buy when she had the money," she said.

Mampe's sister-in-law's details were included on the same form on which her details were, she said.

In March Nu Cook debited her account with R550 though she claims she cancelled it a day later.

Nu Cook had secured a loan at Nedbank and paid R9828 on her behalf without obtaining consent and confirmation, Mampe said.

"Nedbank is now harassing and threatening to blacklist me for not paying them," she said.

Mampe said the signature on the contract presented to Nedbank is not hers.

Katwala of Nu Cook has not responded to Consumer Line's phone calls and a fax enquiry sent for comment.


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