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Secret ballot not warranted, says DA

The City of Johannesburg has defended its decision to reject the ANC Johannesburg caucus' call for m.

Mbokazi lives childhood dream

By Sne Masuku | 2010-07-13 00:00:00.0

DURBAN businesswoman, celebrity and founder of the Crown Gospel Awards, Zanele Mbokazi, is making waves with her new book, Push.

The mother of two says her aim is to give something back and "push people in the right direction".

Within just a few months of its release the demand for the book is growing. From selling at selected book shops in KwaZulu-Natal, distribution has spread across the country.

"The book is about faith, hope and inspiration, pushing harder and working to get a step closer to a dream or destiny," she said.

In this religious, motivational and inspirational book she talks about her life's journey and the obstacles that often lead to people giving up from reaching their dreams .

And after pushing herself hard Mbokazi dispenses inspiration on how being a woman of God helped her reach her destiny and dreams. She also talks about how determination, perseverance, trusting in God and not giving up easily helps push deeper down to reach a goal or dream.

Mbokazi at present runs her own public relations and events company.

Brainchild events of her's that she hosts annually includes the first gospel awards - the SABC Crown Gospel awards, Iziko Gospel Music Conventions and Future Leaders conference.

The book is centred on the biblical story of the "Godfearing woman of Shunem, who defied all natural laws and believed in God's supernatural intervention".

Mbokazi's work stems from a childhood dream of becoming "someone big".