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Security guards get two years’ pay after being fired for being women

Twenty-eight female guards were unfairly dismissed by a security company because the client‚ Metrora.

Never give up dreams

By Abel Mukwevho | Jul 12, 2010 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

WHEN I I was growing up we used to wage war against mice.

WHEN I I was growing up we used to wage war against mice.

Because these pests cause an untold mess, let alone carry diseases and other unsavoury health baggages, we set traps around the house to deal with the pestilence.

We would put little pieces of cheese on the mousetrap. While we caught the mice and always succeeded in dealing with the vermin problem, what used to amaze me was that even when we would find a dead mouse on a trap we would not find any cheese nearby.

While everyone might have thought that the trapped, dead mouse died eating the cheese - after analysing the whole situation - I found that the opposite might apply, if one considers this poignant observation by famous biologist Sir Colin Spedding. He said " is the second mouse that gets the cheese."

Regarding the mouse trap and the missing cheese, there are two possible outcomes. Either the mouse that got clobbered ate the cheese before it died. Or, a second mouse came along, found its dead mate on the trap with the cheese, and then had his fill, with no possible harm.

How does this apply to life, specifically or in general? In your quest for success there are one of two outcomes. Either you can do what famous rapper 50Cent suggests, that you have to either get rich or die trying; or - in my own opinion - you can attempt to succeed on something that someone else had failed on, by primarily noting or learning where they might have gone wrong and avoiding the same loophole.

Many of us are afraid to attempt to go for that opportunity because of the apparent or perceived obstacles lying in our paths. It is even harder to approach the best opportunities if we can see the dangers that lie ahead. But just because you see it, does not mean you cannot avoid it and still go for that big opportunity.

The corporate world has a phenomenon called risk management. It is the calculation of risks that may occur when attempt is made on a particular project.

Once the risks have been determined, alternatives are formulated and then implemented.

Same goes for your life. Understand that for every opportunity you see, there is a risk in undertaking it. But, just because there is a risk, does not mean an idea or project is not possible to execute, or worth executing.

Just like the second mouse, understand that just because someone else failed to reach a particular goal does not mean you will fail too. Someone else's failure should be your lesson. So, learn how to deactivate someone else's mousetrap, or learn from their failures.

Before it's too late: Let's start doing things without the fear of failure. And if you are going to fail, fail because you have not reinvented the wheel, but have tried something new.

l The author is a university student and Sowetan nation-building projects ally. He spends his free time empowering youths through motivational talks and literature.


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