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A PICK N PAY employee, has not been compensated for injuries he sustained 12 years ago, might be compensated soon.

A PICK N PAY employee, has not been compensated for injuries he sustained 12 years ago, might be compensated soon.

Luza Buthelezi has blamed the Workmen's Compensation Fund (WCF) for communicating with him through his employer.

"This would obviously delay the message and lessen the response time of a recipient," he said.

Buthelezi said his employer also contributed to the delay by withholding his letters from the WCF.

He said he had lodged a claim for post-traumatic disorder after hurting his spinal cord at work.

Buthelezi said Pick n Pay refused to complete the claim forms speedily and only did so when they received a letter of demand from the WCF.

The WCF sent two letters to Pick n Pay in 2003 acknowledging receipt of the final medical report. The WCF also requested an affidavit from Buthelezi stating how he was injured.

Nothing happened after that and the WCF followed up the matter five years later. Still Pick n Pay did not forward the letter to Buthelezi.

But hope is not lost because the WCF will consider Buthelezi's claim as soon as they get the affidavit to process his claim.

Buthelezi said he was injured at work in 1998 while removing a pie tray from a fridge.

"It was my second injury at work but this time I injured my spine, was traumatised and on the verge on insanity," he said.

Buthelezi said he was hospitalised for three months and was later declared permanently disabled.

"In 2005 I was laid off and my pension fund contribution transferred to Saccawu without my knowledge," he said.

He complained about this, but his employer could not help. They kept telling him that he was paid in full and refused to complete his resumption report, he said.

This is the form that must be completed and submitted by an employer as soon as the employee resumes work or is discharged or declared permanently disabled.

The employer must also complete a section showing whether the employee was offered light duty or the date of termination of employment.

The forms that the company completed showed that they had omitted to fill in Buthelezi's address and this made it impossible for the WCF to communicate directly with him, he said.

"Clearly they are the cause of this delay and they do not want to help me now," Buthelezi said.

Consumer Line spoke to the WCF's Melisa du Plessis, who confirmed that the claim had not been finalised. She said they were still waiting for the medical report and affidavit from the employer.

She said they sent two letters to Pick n Pay requesting the information. The first letter was sent in 2003 and the second one in March 2008.

Du Plessis said they could not follow up the matter earlier because it is costly and impossible to write reminders to all claimants.

"But we will entertain Buthelezi's claim as soon as we receive his affidavit," she said.

Pick n Pay denied that Buthelezi's money was transferred to Saccawu's National Provident Fund without his knowledge.

Cindy Hoffman, senior human resources manager at Pick n Pay, said Buthelezi had asked her to complete a copy of the resumption report, which they unfortunately no longer had.

"He then asked that I sign a resumption report that stated we no longer had a copy of the resumption report on file - this too I did," she said.

Mike Twala of Pick n Pay's human resources department has also offered to assist Buthelezi.

"I am willing to assist him fill in the required form if he needs my help," Twala said.

"He will have to go to the WCF to get an original form to complete should he wish to pursue the matter.

"Profit Reform, our WCF administrators, no longer has the form," Hoffman added.


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