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Speedy Chevs for hotties

By unknown | Jul 08, 2010 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

AS you know, we girls will do anything for a party, so off we went to a Chevrolet function where they hosted Mzansi's hottest celebrities at a Chevrolet Track Day.

AS you know, we girls will do anything for a party, so off we went to a Chevrolet function where they hosted Mzansi's hottest celebrities at a Chevrolet Track Day.

It was sizzling and the celebs were hot.

This was a great opportunity for guests to experience the power and versatility of Chevrolet vehicles. The track day took place at Kyalami and in attendance were a range of entertainment industry heavy-hitters, among them Yfm's Mpho Maboi, Tokollo Tshabalala of TKZee, Thembi Seete, celebrity choreographer Somizi Mhlongo, Channel O's Lungile "Lungsta" Radu, Stoan and Speedy, Yfm's fabulous twins Ntando and Hlelo Masina, DJ Zinhle and comedian David Kau.

It was odd to see the twins there since they could never make the MTN function to which they were invited recently. It was also great to see Kau during the day as we always see him at night at Zar in Sandton with that sweet wife of his and personalised number-plated Land Rover - some men are lucky.

Stoan and Speedy, our favourites, as usual they came blinged up in their stunning Swatch watches. Lungsta also turned us girls on.

The day kicked off with a 4x4 off-road exercise where guests discovered their inner "off-road fiend". Somizi proved to be the indisputable drama queen of the track, declaring: "This is a beautiful car, but driving down a steep hill while relying on a button is NOT my style. I'd rather run!" and promptly sprinted down the slope.

Seete, on the other hand, had a masterful command of the Captiva on the 4x4 trail, as she coolly negotiated the most hair-raising slopes, and emerged glowing from the vehicle. Well done Seete. We were so proud of her and considering she was wearing shoes she paid for, we just wanted to give her a hug for being a sweetie with paid-for shoes. You do remember some guy stole her shoes at a show once? Darkies!

Somizi was also a laugh and we are still wondering if he has helped Vinolia as he promised. It's OK if you haven' t, angel, and none of us can find the yellow one with a penchant for getting naked for no reason.

The next activity was a series of hot laps around the track, featuring the "greased lightning" Lumina UTE, the zippy Spark, as well as the Cruze.

"Wow, this car is a beast!" exclaimed Mpho Maboi after executing a couple of flawless hot laps around the track.

A lucky draw saw six guests driven around the track in a Corvette to experience the power that is America's sports car.

But the highlight was definitely the "Drifting" activity, where seasoned professionals executed daredevil stunts, sliding the car sideways and executing hairpin turns on the track - the Lumina certainly demonstrated why it's such a formidable high-performance vehicle.

"It was great to be able to host everyone, and show them why the Chevrolet family's so passionate about these vehicles. We can't wait to do this again," enthused Brian Olson, GMSA general manager: marketing.

And please don't forget us girls as we love cars even though we can't afford a Tazz or a Fistaz. Or was it a Maserati?

Who knows?

Thanks Chev.


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