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By Dudu Dube | Jul 02, 2010 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

THE judge in the Jackie Selebi trial yesterday hinted at a weak defence strategy by the former police commissioner's lawyers.

When summing up evidence in his judgement, Judge Meyer Joffe said the defence questioned the credibility of only two of the 15 state witnesses.

He was referring to Glenn Agliotti and his former lover Dianne Muller.

It was not clear whether this observation was good or bad for Selebi, who has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Selebi is charged with corruption and defeating the ends of justice.

Judge Joffe will pronounce the verdict today.

He spent the whole of yesterday reading out evidence heard throughout the marathon nine-month trial.

"The defence did not attack the credibility of other state witnesses except for Agliotti and Muller," the judge said.

The judge said the verdict would be determined by whether both parties had succeeded in proving their cases beyond a reasonable doubt.

"If the accused's version is found to be reasonably true, he is entitled to an acquittal. Even if the state's version is admitted, the court still has to investigate the defence's case," the judge said.

Agliotti is a convicted drug trafficker and Selebi's former friend, and was also the main state witness.

He and Muller owned a business that they used to make the alleged payments to Selebi.

"Agliotti and Muller met in 1993 and eventually got engaged, but the relationship later ended because of his inability to tell the truth," the judge quoted from Muller's evidence.

Agliotti testified that throughout the friendship he had paid Selebi more than R1million in cash and spent thousands more rands taking Selebi's family on shopping sprees.

The state claims the payments were a bribe for Selebi in return for protection from arrest for Agliotti and the controversial mining family, the Kebbles.

However, quoting from evidence from a video that was presented as evidence in court, Judge Joffe said: "Agliotti said if he had bribed the accused he would probably have been awarded a tender which he had applied for in the SAPS."

Selebi has denied all of Agliotti's allegations against him.


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