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Let's hold on to Parreira and stop being driven by pride

By unknown | Jun 28, 2010 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

WE ALL know that we lost our chance to qualify for the group of 16 by losing our second game in the group stage. We were overconfident in that game and yet, unlike in any other game we played under Carlos Parreira, we were flat-footed.

We let Diego Forlán run riot when we should have choked him down like we did in the second half. We had no patience on the ball and were a lot slower than at any other time during this glorious period of our football.

But we rose to outplay and beat the French because we revived the spirit that was dead when we played Uruguay.

On a blessed day we would have beaten the French 6-1. But the 2-1 result does not change the fact that we left the World Cup with our heads held high, having performed better than two soccer world champions (France and Italy), as well as one world champion (England, 4 points), and a point behind another (Germany, 5 points).

What we showed is that we had heart, that when we have to rise to the challenge we can and that, at our best, very few teams can beat us. We did very well in this World Cup of big upsets.

Now we should build on this. What we have done in the past is to dismantle our teams too early. The class of 96 still had a while to go before the chopping and changing. All world-beaters change their sides slowly while bleeding in new and younger players.

Everybody remembers seeing Diego Maradona on the bench for Argentina as a youngster. Lionel Messi was also on the bench in his first World Cup appearance and the same goes for Ronaldo and Ronaldhino of Brazil.

If you look closer to home, you will note that the Springboks use this system too. These are world champions.

To emulate the Boks we cannot chop and change coaches. We should at the very least keep Parreira until the next Africa Cup of Nations and at the very best until the 2014 Cup in Brazil.

He had three months to help our squad. At one point in this very short period we climbed up seven positions in the Fifa world ranking, making us the most improved team in the world.

And I'm sure that we will be ranked even higher after this World Cup performance.

I don't care about his salary. Legacy projects have no price tag. He is the best coach we have had for a hell of a long time. We should hold on to Parreira and stop being driven by empty pride.

We should keep him no matter what the cost, so that our boys can have consistency in order to finally emerge as victors.

I know Pitso Mosimane would love the job. But if he really, really wants it and loves our country, he can wait. Let's keep Parreira, people. It's the perfect thing to do right now!


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