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Sowetan's IFP articles full of inaccuracies

By unknown | Jun 25, 2010 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

YOUR June 22 edition carries an article "IFP expels rebel youth leader" and an editorial "IFP needs new blood", which claim that the IFP expelled its youth organiser Musa Zulu because he called for change.

Both articles are filled with inaccuracies.

Zulu was dismissed as a member of staff because he on numerous occasions abused party property, which resulted in three vehicles being written off.

After countless warnings we had no choice but to take disciplinary steps against him.

Sowetan's portrayal of Zulu as a "sacrificial lamb" in the name of change is imaginative nonsense. So too is the malicious portrayal of the IFP as being dead set against change and having a "big man syndrome", whatever that means.

Change has always been on our agenda. Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi has championed the urgent need for change and revitalisation since 1999.

After each election he has called for our party to take an honest look at where we are, what we are doing right and what we are doing wrong. Where things needed to change we changed them. Where policies needed adjustment, we adjusted them.

As the IFP's young leaders we are fully aware that modernisation is vital for any political party to survive and grow. Likewise, we are aware that if we want to survive as an opposition party we must grow our support base and win elections.

I am part of a new generation of young IFP leaders with one goal: to promote and protect the legacy of Prince Buthelezi while positioning the IFP as a modern political party that will not only grow, but prosper.

Pat Lebenya-Ntanzi MP, acting chairperson IFP Youth Brigade


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