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Win or lose, let's not give up on Bafana and Africa

By Edward Tsumele | Jun 22, 2010 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

THERE are so many reasons why Bafana Bafana must win against France by a wide margin so that we can proceed to the next round.

I thought about this on my way to to my usual haunt for this World Cup, which is actually full of surprises on many fronts.

My haunts, in fact, are the fan parks that have been created to cater for the lot of us, who have missed scoring a World Cup ticket.

Not that we are complaining. W e all have lots of fun watching the games on big screens and in reality have a better view than those at the stadium.

This weekend my stamping ground was Newtown, the place that is always zings with positive energy.

I was there on Saturday when Ghana was playing against Slovakia, a team that was determined to win. Fortunately Ghana held them to a draw.

South Africans, at least the Newtownians, showed up in big numbers to support Ghana.

Big as the crowd was, it was obvious that people have somehow T lost some interest in the Cup because of the huge loss suffered by Bafana Bafana against Uruguay last week.

Those who have been to other fan parks tell similar stories. The crowds have grown smaller , though the enthusiasm has shifted to supporting any other African team.

Now, with the World Cup here in Africa for the first time in history, we cannot afford to lose interest in the Cup.

Wine or lose, we have to support teams that have remained in the tournament, and the place to demonstrate this should be the fan parks where, during game breaks and afterwards, there are musicians performing.

In fact, there is lots of fun to be had and the parks are conveniently situated in central places that are accessible.

So, just like the crowd I was with on Mary Fitzgerald Square, I will continue to support any African team that is still in the tournament until to the very end - and only after that will I look for another team elsewhere.

I do this because it makes me feel good, important and significant in this world.

I am not much of a believer in miracles but according to reports they do happen once in a while.

And besides, miracles are said to happen when you least expect them and this could just be one of those times.

Miracles or no miracles, I and my crowd at the fan parks will go all out to support Bafana Bafana's last stand, last fight and brave determination to show the world that we still have a lot of energy despite setbacks suffered so far.

The least Bafana Bafana can do when they face France today is to show the French that we are not a walkover. If we have to be out of the tournament we must walk out with our dignity intact.

If we fail to proceed to the next round we still have other African teams to support.

So when I go to my haunt next time I will go with the kind of mindset, confidence and attitude that says this is only a game.

Let us enjoy it, whether we win or lose. Perhaps we should emulate a social newtwork club called Life@40'nBeyond, which in the middle of the World Cup match last week held their function at Vardos in Soweto, wearing school uniforms that made them look younger.

Remember, this network's members are aged 40 and above. Now for me that shows a sense of humour amid sadness.

This is probably the kind of humour we need during this stressful and sometimes interesting time.

What we have to bear in mind is that we have actually won already by hosting this tournament, so anything else is a special bonus.

Let us have fun at the fan parks while those with tickets have theirs at the stadium.

There is lots of fun and a spirit of togetherness at the fans parks. There is food and music galore.


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