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Respect African religion

By unknown | Jun 17, 2010 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

IT IS about time we put a stop to what some born-again Christians and other religious bigots passing themselves off as a holier-than-thou religion.

IT IS about time we put a stop to what some born-again Christians and other religious bigots passing themselves off as a holier-than-thou religion.

They think their religion is the best.

I have come to hate attending funerals presided over by religious zealots who perpetually spit and trample on traditional African religion by associating it with "ancestor worshipping" and the devil-satan.

Africans do not "worship" their ancestors. They venerate them .

According to our belief system our ancestors are intermediaries between God and the living. We believe that we communicate with God through our ancestors. Christians worship Jesus who is an ancestor of the Jews whom born-again Christians have elevated to a level higher than our ancestors and divinities.

The historicity of Jesus is disputed and he has no vital statistics (African Origin of Civilisation: Myth or Reality by Cheikh Anta Diop). He was born at two places at the same time (Christianity Before Christ by John G Jackson). The concept of hell, where sinners are supposed to burn in an ever-burning fire and the devil-satan belong to Western religious eschatology of which born-again Christianity is a part.

That scary scenario does not exist in African religion. From our standpoint the beginnings of human beings cannot be separated from their end. This beginning is an offshoot of previous existence and the end is the beginning of another realm of life. And African belief of the composition of woman and man is that they are both scientific and spiritual.

Death does not put an end to life, but opens up another realm of existence, albeit spiritual. African eschatology therefore, and its significance to the future of the cosmos is interwoven. Eschatology is cyclic. Why would some Africans abandon such a magnificent approach and not only undermine their religion, but also embrace foreign religions?

Those Africans who have adopted foreign religions are lost by following religions whose philosophical foundations are foreign. The philosophical foundations of a religion must be rooted in people's past (African Origin of the Major Western Religions by Yosef ben Jochannen).

Pastors of born-again Christians are leading their congregants astray and in the process making a quick buck by speaking ill of African religion. These mushrooming churches are get-rich-quick schemes. Moreover, their finances are not audited and they don't pay taxes like other businesses because that's exactly what they are - businesses.

We who believe in African religion never spit and trample on other faiths and don't understand why born-again Christians do so on our religious belief.

Sam Ditshego, Kagiso


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