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Meet soccer's hottest hunks

By Zenoyise Madikwa | Jun 14, 2010 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

LADIES, forget about losing your men to the Soccer World Cup. Hot replacements have descended on our shores, especially hot team captains.

So, while your man is at the stadium or fan park, the hottest guys will provide the eye candy to keep you glued to your television.

Think about those rippling muscles, wet sweaty thighs and oh the heavy breathing... Just visualise Cristiano Ronaldo or Fabio Cannavaro stepping out of your TV, with their shirts off.

In the spirit of the World Cup, Sowetan has chosen the tournament's hottest captains.

l If you have not seen or heard of Portugal's captain Cristiano Ronaldo's sexiness yet, there is a serious problem. With a handsome face and a sexy body, Ronaldo, who made headlines for his possible romance with Kim Kardashian, has dethroned David Beckham as soccer's sex symbol.

lThere's something about Spain's Iker Casillas that makes me think he should be a model for a cosmetic product. This man is eye candy.

lGhanian captain Stephen Appiah screams hotness. His fancy footwork on the field and his gorgeous physique make him an obvious candidate for this list.

lWithout a doubt, Mexico captain Rafael Marquez is my number one Mexican footballer hottie. He is eye candy and even straight men think he is sexy.

lItaly's Fabio Cannavaro is a hunk. He's scorching hot. The centre back has rugged good looks and delicious charm.

lSlovenia's captain Robert Koren's million-dollar smile can be seen miles from the sidelines. He is a downright Balken sweetheart. And the ladies love to see that sweet disposition, a softer side that contrasts with his rugged style of play.

lFans can't get enough of Cameroon's captain Samuel Eto'o. His sexy body moves with lightning speed. He gives meaning to the term sexy black soccer player. Gorgeous!

lIvory Coast's Didier Drogba is a great player. This striker has scored outstanding goals for Chelsea. His physical attributes deserve commendation too. He is almost as well-known for ripping off his jersey and revealing those amazing abs, as he is for his playing ability. Sure he's a bit of a bad boy, but that only makes him more attractive.

lAaron Mokoena "my captain" exudes sex appeal on and off the field. Part of what makes him so likable is that he looks like the boy next door, but he plays like a super hero. Would love to see his woman.


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