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Poor and suffering rural people don't 'feel it'

By unknown | Jun 10, 2010 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

ALLOW me to air my displeasure at the perennial man-made drought in my beloved Ga Masemola in Limpopo.

So-called teachers-cum-councillors are there for their own reasons and benefit.

The village has a section called Pshiring, with the big Mankgabane dam that could supply the whole section with water - but doesn't.

Whenever you ask why you are referred to the Royal House or told the machine is broken. This has been going on since the dawn of democracy. Many systems have been applied to remedy the situation, but none are sustainable.

We are under the Makhuduthamaga local municipality and the only time you see its people is when they organise free buses for us to attend their election rallies.

Somebody should help us. We are tired of sharing water with donkeys, goats and cattle .

The country is under the illusion that we all "feel it", but rural people don't feel it at all. Most say: What is the use of jumping up and down for an event that will only benefit urban citizens?

Others say after the World Cup they will still have to share water with animals and have no electricity. Something should be done about teachers-cum-councillors who, if I'm not mistaken, draw double salaries from the state.

Mapo Phaahle wa Mokoena,Ga Masemola


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