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Security guards get two years’ pay after being fired for being women

Twenty-eight female guards were unfairly dismissed by a security company because the client‚ Metrora.


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TEACHERS and their young charges are in for a treat!

TEACHERS and their young charges are in for a treat!

They Fought for Freedom, a new series by school book experts Maskew Miller Longman, "covering the lives and exploits of southern African leaders who struggled for freedom and justice" is long overdue.

Written with pleasing simplicity it is a joy to read.

The publishers say there are currently 19 titles in the series - including such notable heroes and heroines as Steve Biko, Mahatma Gandhi, Helen Joseph, Ruth First and Yusuf Dadoo, to name just a few.

This one on Trevor Manuel comes from the pen of Pippa Green, the same author of the former-finance minister's biography: Choice, not Fate: The Life and Times of Trevor Manuel.

Through her previous work with Manuel you can tell that she knows her subject well. That it was a challenge to write in such basic language for an audience of young and likely first-time readers does not show.

Green did a splendid job of taking her new set of readers from Kensington, Cape Town in January 1956 when the man she's writing about was born.

At just under 76 pages of thickset-type, this is a breeze for habitual readers. Even those who have gobbled up Choice, not Fate are sure not to find this a bore. To the younger readers or those who can't bear to touch tomes, this is a treasure trove of information on the Cape Town boy, who did not train as an economist but rose up to fix an entire country's economy.

The first ANC man to take on the crucial job after the end of apartheid rule, Manuel made the sceptics eat humble pie from the day he took over after understudying the departing Chris Liebenberg. He continued to do well, even confounding critics in his own party over GEAR, the growth, employment and recovery policy that had the unions seething with rage.

For a man who studied matric maths and science, Manuel had a pretty good grasp of economics, something big business doubted when he first took over the finance portfolio.

This fine acumen was seen a long time ago by such supporters of the former fiery UDF leader as Thabo Mbeki, Nelson Mandela and one Maria Ramos, the woman Manuel would leave his wife Lynne for and marry two years ago.

Even today, in his current job in the Presidency, he makes economic sense, taking friend and foe along to see his way - the only way it can help empower the people.

You might know all this, but just watch as young people's faces light up at this wealth of information couched in an easy-read style.

The gadgetry that has hitherto dominated the lives of youngsters and lazy readers might just have one serious competition in this series!


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