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Security guards get two years’ pay after being fired for being women

Twenty-eight female guards were unfairly dismissed by a security company because the client‚ Metrora.


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A HEATED argument between music bosses ensued over Brenda Fassie's estate yesterday.

A HEATED argument between music bosses ensued over Brenda Fassie's estate yesterday.

Music producer Chicco Twala and former director of South African Recording Rights Graham Gilfillan came close to exchanging blows.

"You are a crook. I want to show the world how filthy you are," said Twala, who accused Gilfillan of enriching himself with the late pop star's money.

"You are paid R50000 a month but what does Bongani (Fassie's son) get?"

The scene played itself out in the corridors of the Johannesburg high court before court proceedings started.

In return Gilfillan demanded that Twala explain what had happened to Fassie's R650000.

He alleged Twala had deposited the money into his own account instead of that of Fassie. Gilfillan said Twala should give him proof to show what he had done with the money.

After lunch Twala's newly appointed lawyer, Mpho Makgato, told the court he could not proceed because he did not have copies of the court pleadings.

Fassie's estate executor David Feldeman's lawyers had offered to give Makgato copies but said he would have to pay R244. Makgato said his client did not have the money. Twala was expected to explain what happened to Fassie's money.

Judge Frans Odendaal said this was a delaying tactic. He postponed the matter to today.

Meanwhile, Sowetan overheard Twala advising Bongani to turn himself in to the Parkview police.

Bongani is being sought for allegedly stealing music equipment worth about R650000 from the Ghetto Ruff recording company.


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