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Nation must support Parreira's choice now

By unknown | Jun 03, 2010 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

BAFANA Bafana's coach has chosen the 23 players who will do duty for us in the Fifa World Cup.

Not everybody is happy with the players who were selected.

It is normal that people will have their opinions on who should have made the squad.

Carlos Alberto Parreira did his homework and he is satisfied with his final selection.

As patriots we have to stand behind our team, irrespective of who is playing in the tournament.

It does not matter now who we think should or should not have been selected. All that the team needs now is for the nation to rally round them.

There are no easy pickings and I have full confidence in the team to do us proud.

Let us all unite behind the team and give them the necessary support to make it to the second round.

Good luck to the 23 players who were chosen. They carry the nation's hopes on their shoulders. It is up to them now. They have to prove their worth on the field. Pressure is the name of the game at this stage. It is how you handle the games that counts.

Kiekie Mboweni, Nkowankowa


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