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In-laws took my kids away - widower

By Michael Sakuneka | May 21, 2010 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

A LIMPOPO teacher has lost custody of his children to his in-laws.

Now Victor Seoka says he fears his children's dreams of studying medicine and horticultural science will be shattered because his in-laws might not be able to pay for their studies.

Seoka is accusing his in-laws of "hijacking" custody of his children after the death of his wife.

Seoka says his late wife's sister, Kgarebo Manyama, took away his two children immediately after his wife's death in February.

Before Christina Mmatlala Seoka's death the couple lived in GaMokgwathi village. The two had two children aged 15 and 18.

Seoka fears that his children might drop out of school because his sister-in-law cannot afford to pay their monthly tuition fees at the Helmeg Academy School in Tzaneen, where they are studying.

His concern comes in the wake of allegations that Manyama has never been to school herself and that it will be difficult for her to provide proper education for the children.

Seoka says the children were also barred from seeing him and are not allowed to ask for anything from him. They are told he had killed their mother.

Christina Mmatlala died after a long illness aged 46.

"It is difficult not to see my children, especially since I know they are suffering wherever they are," says Seoka, who also accuses his in-laws of stealing his computer and a TV set while he was not home.

"They also stole some important documents from my house and have been trying to make claims from financial institutions without my knowledge," he claims.

He says they are deliberately tormenting him so he will move out of his double-storey house "in order for them to come and live in it".

Manyama could not be reached for comment at the time of going to press since her cellphone went unanswered.


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