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2010's here and Joburg tourism still dawdles

By unknown | May 21, 2010 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

IF JOBURG wanted to make residents tourists of the country's top host city, it has failed.

Joburg Tourism is silent on what to do and where to go and there's lots to do.

There is an elusive "communications campaign", but not even City of Joburg councillors have seen this.

Joburg is doing very little to market itself as a host city.

About three years ago, there was a move by JTC to get grassroots tourism associations going for 2010. Some very committed individuals invested a great deal of time and effort into this. With much fanfare and community spirit, some associations were born only to find that there was no support at all from JTC. They had no choice but to close down.

At this crucial time, where is JTC?

Did the questionable R90million spent on the Miss World pageant eat up the whole budget?

Where are the programmes and the vision for Joburg residents? Whatever lies behind the silence, we have no leadership, no direction, no funding, no strategy.

Is it because they know that residents and businesses will do their best for our visitors anyway?

Why not propose street carnivals and Mardi Gras, special branding at local entertainment strips and get people excited to put their shoulders to the wheel?

Such a lack of enthusiasm is worrying indeed. You can't say "I was there" when you weren't invited.

I wrote this letter around the 120-day mark, but kept waiting in the hope that something would change. With only three weeks to go, the city is still sadly keeping us out.

Marcelle Ravid,

DA - Johannesburg


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