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Van Rooyen suddenly withdraws his interdict

In another twist involving the public protector’s office‚ the Minister of Co-operative Governance an.

Fifa World Cup an expensive party the poor have to pay for

By unknown | May 18, 2010 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

SOUTH Africa is a modern colony. This means that our democracy doesn't serve the majority, in fact it perpetuates the exclusion of the majority it proclaims to serve.

SOUTH Africa is a modern colony. This means that our democracy doesn't serve the majority, in fact it perpetuates the exclusion of the majority it proclaims to serve.

I have been looking at how our leaders have surrendered our sovereignty to Fifa for a very expensive World Cup we don't need.

Every Friday people wear their national soccer colours. That's fine, but have we paused to think what is going on? Our country has been sold to the Fifa gang in exchange for a very expensive party that will last only a month.

We know now that 20000 poor people have been evicted from the city of Cape Town and thrown into a massive squatter camp. This was done to make sure visitors from Europe and America don't see our poverty.

The Jo'burg and Durban metros have already cleaned the cities of hawkers and the poor. You must see how poor black people have to run from the police with the apples and oranges they sell! We have criminalised the poor to satisfy Fifa and the white world. This is a colonial mentality.

The cost of the World Cup is estimated to be about R30billion which will be paid by SA's poor.

The only known benefit for the majority from the World Cup is a "feel good factor". It's like being drunk, but when tomorrow comes you have to face reality with a headache!

South Africa is a country where 50percent of the population is poor. The World Cup will only bring maldevelopment - in other words, development where it is not needed. In Cape Town they even imported the grass for the new stadium from Europe. It will cost us nothing less that R10million to R70million a year to maintain these stadiums. Have we stopped to think what we are doing in this country? This is a colony indeed.

Hawkers who make a living selling at stadiums will be required to stand at least a kilometre away from the stadiums during the World Cup, think about it? This is a shocking joke!

On the same theme of how our minds are colonised is the saga of the SACP and its youth wing the Young Communist League. Now here Floyd Shivambu accuses the leader of the SACP, Jeremy Cronin, of being an open racist. Instead of the guy who is accused of being racist being fired, suspended or investigated, the whistle-blower is punished.

Shibamvu's accusation is quite serious. Cronin is accused of telling a Cuban delegation: "There is wide corruption in the African leadership of the ANC. " If this is true then all we can say is Viva baas Cronin!

I hate to say I told you so, but in the fifth edition of New Frank Talk some three months ago I warned against white revolutionaries. I said then that racism is a disease that afflicts even the white revolutionaries. I said that in the final analysis Cronin and Eugene De Kock are concerned about serving white interests.

A final I told you so. I see now my view that to solve the education crisis in black schools may require closing schools for a couple of years is supported by Professor Yusuf Waghid of the University of Stellenbosch. But since we are ruled by neo-colonialists, I don't expect them to do anything major to serve the interest of the majority. What a nation!


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