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It is old school and a fountain of knowledge without the click of a mouse

By unknown | May 17, 2010 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

A SUNDAY newspaper had a headline about "the things you can't Google".

Even if you didn't read the rest the point was made that the Apartheid Museum was worth a physical visit rather than a mere button push on the PC.

In the age of the Internet, In The Know is one such site; it is old school, a fountain of knowledge without the click of the mouse.

It will tell you everything from the likes of Helen Suzman, Mother Theresa, Osama bin Laden to legal dictums of all sorts. I had even forgotten what rinderpest was.

Think of phrases like "The Scramble for Africa", you will find it here.

Get a copy, put it at your bedside and keep your children surprised at how clever you are.


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