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Don't look down on clever blacks

By unknown | May 17, 2010 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

BEING black in present-day South Africa is a strenuous condition.

BEING black in present-day South Africa is a strenuous condition.

If I had 50c for every time a fellow black person said, "You think you're smart", I would be lying on a coastal island somewhere, with my four-story condo fighting me for a share of the sun in the background.

When a black person attempts to inform another black person, or tries to debate , instead of that person taking you seriously he will undermine your logic with , "You think you're smart!"

This mostly occurs when a younger person tries to converse with an older one, who does not take him seriously.

Most young black people who live in townships or rural areas can relate to this. Self-made successful African men will know what I'm talking about because a successful black person will have heard this phrase countless times, even from family members.

And it is said as if being clever is a bad thing.

This is a deep form of mental oppression that has become inherent in black societies.

Think of the young black man living in Mabopane, who is fluent in English but is afraid to utter an eloquent word of the language because of the "coconut" stigma attached to it, and heaven forbids someone states, "He thinks he's better than us!"

We can never be great if we black people see ourselves as unworthy of greatness.

We have to conquer the oppression that is emasculating black people through black people.

Tshepo Tshabalala, Pretoria


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