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Initiative to improve the healthcare system

By unknown | May 13, 2010 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

AT the inception of the Public Private Mix, all partners made an overall commitment to work towards strengthening health systems in South Africa.

AT the inception of the Public Private Mix, all partners made an overall commitment to work towards strengthening health systems in South Africa.

As mining is our company's core skill, we needed to partner with other organisations to address health and development issues in the community.

Our ideal partnership was to involve the government, broader civil society, health specialists and a grant funder.

This enabled us to contribute and allocate resources after the need is identified by government and health experts. It also meant that we always worked with the consent of the local government and aligned to their targets - a key goal of the PPM model.

"It was critical to involve the provincial government if we were to have a sustainable partnership that delivered results in the long term.

"It is a new way of thinking and doing in health and sustainability, and makes people self-sufficient within the province by providing good health services.

"This allows people to get out of poverty and become influential within their own role and society," says Piet Henderson, general manager - Risk - at Xstrata Coal SA.

Five key parties currently form the existing PPM: Xstrata, South Africa's Department of Health (DoH), PEPFAR, Re-Action Consulting, and participants from civil society.

Re-Action has been central to the establishment and implementation of the partnership by making it operational.

The contribution of the different parties in the first three years is as follows:

l Xstrata Coal SA: Our role is to provide the means to improve the infrastructure that, in turn, contributes to strengthening health systems. Within the partnership we have supported the infrastructure development of six clinics, including the building of the Delmas Wellness Clinic for the Bernice Samuel Hospital. We ensure that the clinics reach government accreditation standards to distribute ART and contribute to infrastructure costs such as buying the equipment needed to get the clinic up and running.

l PEPFAR: A US fund for Aids Relief, has co-funded the PPM with matched funding from Xstrata.

l Local government, DoH: The district level of the DoH has a critical role to play in identifying the needs of the community around health services to improve and strengthen health systems.

l Re-Action: Consultancy Re-Action! is the technical implementation partner for the PPM and is the broker of the partnership.

l Civil Society: Civil society has played a key role in the communities to progress the partnership. We work with a range of organisations and people in civil society, including faith-based organisations, traditional healers and volunteers.

These people have all been critical in increasing the uptake of VCT within the community and educating people about HIV prevention.


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