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Order restored at Sun City Prison after fiery protest over inmates’ TVs

Correctional Services said that “matters are under control” at Johannesburg’s Sun City Prison on Wed.

'Let's create jobs for youth'

By Anna Majavu | May 12, 2010 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

FINANCE Minister Pravin Gordhan said yesterday that more should be done to create work for young people.

He said about R30billion of the country's R907billion budget for this year had been set aside to fund economic infrastructure, social infrastructure, sustainability and job creation projects.

Gordhan was speaking during his budget vote in Parliament.

He said the government was not in debt. It had received R8billion more revenue than it expected and spent less than it had predicted.

He said Sars would also boost government coffers with the money it planned to recover from more than 200000 people who were collecting social grants unlawfully.

Gordhan warned that those who kept their money offshore could no longer hide from the taxman. The Bahamas, Cayman Islands, and other "tax havens" had moved towards signing information exchange agreements with Sars, he said.

"The world is becoming a smaller place for non-taxpayers who refuse to contribute their fair share," Gordhan said.


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