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'Albinism overlooked'

By Canaan Mdletshe | May 12, 2010 | COMMENTS [ 1 ]

A KWAZULU-NATAL mother whose child is an albino is appealing to society not to shun people who have the condition.

She also accused World Cup organisers of failing to make provisions for such people at stadiums, considering that they have eyesight problems.

The Life Choices Campaign for people living with albinism will be launched in Durban next Saturday.

Organiser and founder of the campaign Londiwe Ngcamu, whose child lives with albinism, said she decided on the awareness campaign after realising the challenges faced by people living with the condition.

"A lot of negative things are said about people with this particular condition," she said.

Ngcamu said she had also realised that not all parents who have children with this skin condition were able to provide them with necessities such as sun cream, glasses and other supportive devices, which could make their lives easier.

"People with albinism have eyesight problems and not all parents can afford to take them to special schools, which is why we have invited all government departments to be part of this launch," Ngcamu said.

She said this issue appeared to have been ignored by the Fifa World Cup organisers.


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Whats happening to us people, we are really losing it,

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