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By Katlego Moeng and Zinhle Mapumulo | May 07, 2010 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

TEAZERS strip club in Rivonia, Johannesburg, reopened on Wednesday night after being closed for a day after the brutal murder of its owner Lolly Jackson.

But it was not business as usual.

While the staff met and decided to go back to work, their clients stayed away.

Some of his workers said they were relieved he was gone. One of them, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said they knew the "arrogant bastard" would be killed by his enemies sooner or later.

"We were shocked that he was gunned down by one of his friends, but it was something we all thought would happen sooner or later.

"Jackson was despised by too many people because of his arrogance. He had no respect for other human beings - and it was worse for his black workers. It is a known fact that Jackson hated black people, which is why most (black) people could not work for him for long.

Another worker said: "Black dancers do not survive at Teazers, but there is one who has been there for some time. We do not know how she does it.

"I do not think many staffers shed a tear for him. He treated most people badly. Now that his son Manoli is in charge things might change."

Jackson's widow, Demi, admitted in an interview with Talk Radio 702 on Wednesday that she had feared for her husband's life.

"There were a lot of people who did not like Lolly, and that scared me. He was a hard man but had a heart of gold.

"The best part about him was that he could not stand tears and would go soft when somebody cried," Demi said. "People do not understand that he had to be tough because he was running a business."

Yesterday provincial police spokesperson Colonel Eug ène Opperman said the media blackout was still in place.

"Some media got certain things very wrong and now the investigators want to be left alone to do their jobs. They are also not briefing me anymore," Opperman said.

Family spokesperson Sean Newman said they were still busy with funeral arrangements.


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