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Motherhood not all life, love and roses

By unknown | May 06, 2010 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

FOR the past 13 years Joburgers have awoken to Samantha Cohen's refreshing personality. She and Jeremy Mansfield hosted Highveld Stereo's morning show The Rude Awakening. Sam's way with words and infectious laugh have earned her a place in the hearts of 94.7 listeners.

Following the birth of her first child and the publication in 2005 of Waiting for Christopher - her cleverly written account of being a first-time mother - Sam became presenter of Great Expectations.

The show is a candid series that deals with the trials and tribulations of motherhood in today's fast-paced world.

Waiting for Christopher was released to much acclaim. She says: "It's possible for women to have it all but there is also no way you can keep it all without having a nervous breakdown. The women that have it all have 10 people looking after their kids."

Like many mothers, Sam will probably be getting a bouquet of roses this Mother's Day. She takes a look at a few varieties.

The first batch is from a Shell garage. "These have the best presentation. Any self-respecting mother would love these."

The second batch is from Woolworths. "This has a lovely mix of colours and I know from experience that they will open up."

Next she has a look at roses from Spar. "These are what I call Drunken Friday Roses. Your husband buys these when he's drunk on a Friday night and knows that you will be pissed."

The last roses she looks at are from Pick n Pay. "These have good long stems, which is perfect for arranging them in vases."

Sam recommends the roses from Shell for Mother's Day. - Keitumetse Segoai


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