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Juju won't be disciplined

By unknown | Apr 26, 2010 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

THE desire to have Julius Malema disciplined by the ANC was an unrealistic expectation of the nation.

The statement by the ANC shows that Malema is so powerful among the Zuma faction that Zuma is unable to discipline him.

Now the ANC is pussyfooting about charging him. Nobody else in the ANC has so religiously defended the president as Malema.

When Zuma was facing the Sononogate scandal, who defended him? Who was prepared to kill for him? It's Juju.

Malema is an important player in the 2012 Mangaung conference.

He was serious when he said "in a revolution there are no permanent friends and enemies".

Zuma was intimidated by this statement and the fact that powerful factions in the party support Malema. Some in the opposition indicated that Zuma's rebuke of Malema was an attempt to be seen by the West, especially Barack Obama and the British media, as a leader in control.

He rebuked Malema shortly before flying to the US-sponsored anti-nuclear conference.

Aubrey Matshiqi and Somadoda Fikeni were the only analysts who held the view that Malema would not be disciplined by the ANC because of his sterling work for the president.

The view that Zuma was fed-up with Malema was exaggerated. Unlike Nelson Mandela, who stood firmly against Peter Mokaba's continuing singing of "kill the farmer, kill the Boer" , Zuma could not because he owes his position to ANC factions. Mandela had both the moral and political authority to muzzle Mokaba.

Also, Mandela's NEC was not factionalised like that of Zuma.

The failure of the national working committee to institute a disciplinary hearing for Malema has many implications, such as that Zuma is a weak leader who cannot establish his authority.

Richard Mgabhi, Umlazi


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