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Road hogs need visible policing

By unknown | Apr 21, 2010 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

MUCH-DESERVED media attention was paid to the Arrive Alive campaign during Easter.

MUCH-DESERVED media attention was paid to the Arrive Alive campaign during Easter.

The transport department has claimed that road fatalities dropped from last year. This can't be right since the final figures are still not in. Year after year we get the same results.

Our roads are a haven for carnage and death. Speed control has not yielded any improved results. Since 1998 fatalities have more than doubled.

Speed prosecution creates the illusion of enforcement without actually adding to safety. The high number of speeding fines offered as "proof" is a myth that the authorities are doing everything possible to reduce deaths but that motorists are not co-operating.

The problem is that offences that are the direct cause of crashes are not addressed.

Road deaths will not decrease until law enforcement shifts from moving violations to speeding.

For example, someone who habitually changes lanes without checking or signaling, who is intoxicated or drugged or who follows too closely behind another vehicle, is a danger on the road.

We need to catch these culprits and we won't catch them by hiding behind a bush with a lasergun. Controlled visible policing is the internationally proven solution.

The transport minister needs to replace speed-oriented traffic enforcement with moving violations - and drunk driving oriented enforcement, as has been implemented in Western Cape with their "Safely Home" campaign.

Manny de Freitas MP, Shadow Deputy Minister of Transport


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