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juju speaking for us - ANCYL

By Ido Lekota | Apr 19, 2010 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

SPARKS are expected to fly at today's meeting between ANCYL and ANC leaders in which youth leader Julius Malema's disciplinary process is expected to be discussed.

SPARKS are expected to fly at today's meeting between ANCYL and ANC leaders in which youth leader Julius Malema's disciplinary process is expected to be discussed.

Malema is said to have received charges of bringing both the ANC and the ANC-led government into disrepute. The purpose of today's meeting is, among other things, to discuss the date for the hearing.

But ANCYL insiders have revealed that the league has no intention of allowing such a hearing to take place.

"Whatever public statements Malema made he made on behalf of the ANCYL ... the ANCYL leadership take collective responsibility for it," 0ne insider said.

"Why then prosecute and individual. If the ANC wants to prosecute anyone let it prosecute the whole ANCYL leadership."

Yesterday Malema denied having received any charges from the ANC.

He told Sowetan that the meeting was aimed at discussing whatever unhappiness the ANC might have about ANCYL activities.

Malema reiterated that his public statements represented the views of the ANCYL.

He also accused certain ANC leaders of using "divide and rule" tactics to isolate those from whom they differed politically.

He said such tendencies were not good for "both the party (ANC) and the movement because it can discourage people from taking leadership positions".

Malema said the ANCYL had disciplinary procedures to deal with wayward members - and the ANC could consult the league if the ruling party felt that any of its youth wing members were acting in an unbecoming manner.

Malema's statement is in line with the views of ANC insiders who accuse certain members of the ANC-SACP- Cosatu alliance of trying to use Malema's recent public statements as an opportunity to isolate him.

These individuals are linked to the faction that wants ANC general secretary Gwede Mantashe to retain his position come 2012.

Malema, on the other hand, is part of a group that wants Deputy Police Minister and ANC head of campaigns Fikile Mbalula to replace Mantashe, who is also SACP chairman.

Last week Sowetan wrote a story about a campaign by the so-called nationalists - which Malema is part of - to overhaul the ANC leadership come 2012.

Those leading the campaign said they wanted to ensure that only party president Jacob Zuma and his deputy, Kgalema Motlanthe, would be retained in their positions.

Those now pushing for Malema to be disciplined are said to be trying to counter the said campaign.

"This has nothing to do with disciplining Malema . It is all about 2012 . People are clearing obstacles in their way and Juluis is one such obstacle," said an insider.

The charges Malema is said to be facing relate to:

l Bringing the ANC and the government into disrepute over his remarks during a visit to Zimbabwe.

He endorsed the ruling Zanu-PF and attacked the Movement for Democratic Change. This was seen as undermining Zuma's efforts as a mediator in the ongoing Zimbabwe political crisis.

lHis remarks that former President Thabo Mbeki never rebuked the ANCYL publicly when he disagreed with them.

This followed Zuma's public remarks distancing his party and government from Malema's behaviour.

lHis remarks following AWB leader Eugene Terre'Blanche's death, saying he died before changing his racist behaviour.

lHis public rebuke and eviction from a press conference of a BBC journalist calling him a "bastard" and "bloody agent" .

Malema said the ANCYL had publicly expressed regret about the incident.

"After the incident ANCYL met and we expressed our collective regret about what had happened that day," he said.

"This is about collective responsibility and that is what everybody must understand."


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