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Cops laughed in disbelief at 'killers' claim

By Luzuko Pongoma | Apr 15, 2010 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

VENTERSDORP police apparently simply laughed in disbelief when the two accused of murdering Eugène Terre'Blanche contacted them to say they were his killers.

Chris Mahlangu, 28, and a 15-year-old boy called the police and informed them that they had just killed the AWB leader.

"Police laughed it off and asked if they had really killed ET," said a source close to the case.

Police did not believe that the two had killed Terre'Blanche but decided to send out a police van to pick them up.

The source said Mahlangu's defence lawyer could use the information as grounds for asking for bail on his client's behalf.

Mahlangu and the minor are charged with killing Terre'Blanche after breaking into his farmhouse.

Terre'Blanche was allegedly assaulted with an iron rod and panga. His pants were then pulled down.

The state is expected to say that Mahlangu and the teen tried to steal ET's Corsa bakkie and stole his cellphone.

This is despite information that the two cannot drive.

Sowetan has learnt that the panga belonged to ET and that he kept it under his bed.

It has also learnt that both lawyers for the accused are expected to use the postmortem results - which reportedly state that ET died of trauma and broken ribs - to claim that the panga was not the murder weapon.

A source said ET took the two accused to the farm where he was supposed to pay them but before paying them he counted his cattle.

"There were 97 cattle there but he would count to 95 again and again. He would stop and ask why two cows were missing.

"He accused them of stealing the two cows which they denied."

The two accused then allegedly left without being paid and returned an hour later to kill him, the source said.


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