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BEING short sucks big time. Not only is it difficult to see over people at music concerts, but short men are also not very popular with women.

BEING short sucks big time. Not only is it difficult to see over people at music concerts, but short men are also not very popular with women.

According to studies a requirement that women usually mention in advertisements is "tall".

There is something you can do about this. There are surgical procedures that involve breaking your legs and using a stretching mechanism, which allows new bone growth. It's extremely painful and costly, though.

Being truly happy with who you are and being confident will already help you look taller. If not, follow these tips by askmen.

Wear fitted clothes

By "fitted" we don't mean a second skin. Many black men prefer wearing loose clothing because it is a lot more comfortable. As a result they fail to buy the right size, often leaning on the larger end of the fit continuum.

Fitted clothing help to accentuate body lines, which will create a slimming effect and an appearance of added height. Find a tailor to alter your clothes if you must, but never wear clothes that are too big. They will make you look even shorter since your lines will not be visible at all.

Choose monochromatic colours

When trying to look taller colour choices are salient. Wearing clothes consisting of the same shades and hues from one of the colours on the colour wheel is a sleek trick.

This elongates your frame because people will not look at your body as different parts. For instance, wearing pants and shoes of matching colours will make it seem as if you have longer legs. As for your belts, you want to blend them into your outfit. So avoid contrasting colours.

Do wear dark colours

Dark colours such as black, blue and deep grey will not only make you look slimmer, but will also project dominance and power.

People subconsciously respond to dominance, power and competency. Combined with a balanced and upright posture, people with such traits always seem to be taller and slightly intimidating, even if they're physically not. This is a simple psychological affect that you can easily take advantage of.

Choose the right jacket length

A coat or jacket should end where the buttocks meet the legs. A poorly fitted jacket is not only a fashion disaster, but it also has a strong negative effect on your height.

For some men it is also a good idea to complement a jacket of perfect length with shoulder pads. This will make your shoulders appear broader and create the tapered V-shaped upper-body, which will ultimately help you look taller and more athletic.

Finally, do not masturbate more than once a month for both men and women. According to, masturbating a lot (for men) will make them lose nutrients in their body because when they ejaculate their semen (sperm+nutrients) their nutrients will flow out of their body along with the sperm. So if their body doesn't have the nutrients it needs, it cannot grow.


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