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Terre'Blanche simply does not fit the bill as martyr

By unknown | Apr 07, 2010 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

HAVING delusions of grandeur, the etymologists tell us, is the belief that you are much more important or powerful than you really are.

HAVING delusions of grandeur, the etymologists tell us, is the belief that you are much more important or powerful than you really are.

Some even go as far as to say a person in this particular state of mind bears the erroneous belief in the face of evidence to the contrary.

Delusions of grandeur, I'd venture to suggest, is a sickness currently afflicting the lunatic fringe in the hinterland of the periphery known as Ventersdorp.

At issue is the death of a poor man on the wrong side of 60, whose own economics decrees that he can't keep remunerated house help but who then, out of an anachronistic sense of apartheid entitlement, goes on to employ labour whose pay bill he cannot service.

He gets embroiled in a tussle with his two workers who, in a moment of madness, allegedly take his life when they realise their wages are not forthcoming.

It would have helped the Afrikanerweerstandsbeweging, the right-wing separatist movement that Eugène Terre'Blanche founded, a great deal if their hero had died in a gun battle in pursuit of a grand political cause.

But, alas, it was not to be. Their hero was killed by two plaasjapies likely not to be au fait with the first paragraph of the Freedom Charter or any such important document asserting their human rights.

Shamed at the manner of his death and the identity of the assailants, those like André Visagie, who speak for the AWB and their sorry ilk, want to hoist this act of pure criminality on to a high political pedestal.

Terre'Blanche's death, they want us to believe, is a declaration of war against the Afrikaner. What balderdash! What utter poppycock!

Luckily for the benefit of our nascent democracy, other Afrikaner folk have seen through the smokescreen and have pointed out that though they decry the murder of a fellow human being, they "have no sympathy with the late Terre'Blanche's political views and role".

In their velskoene, the horse-riding, bakkie-driving, khaki-clad, coke-and-brandy drinking victims of delirium do not speak for the rest of the volk in the land.

If it had been their wish to elevate one they adoringly referred to as ET to the rank of martyr, they should have sought a different window of opportunity.

Perhaps they should have taken the trouble to find out how much opprobrium the Terre'Blanche name elicited in most black communities, not just in Tshing where Paul Motshabi, who was assaulted by ET, sits forlornly, too lethargic of mind to make any sense of the sudden gush of visitors to his ramshackle home.

One look at ET's living quarters - the scene of the heinous crime, tells any observer that he was in no position to employ anyone. He most definitely needed the paltry R600 more than the men accused of his murder.

Clutching at straws is another phrase. Is the AWB top brass guilty of this too?

Just as any death is regrettable, Terre'Blanche was a common criminal who got his comeuppance. Finish and klaar.


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