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Van Rooyen suddenly withdraws his interdict

In another twist involving the public protector’s office‚ the Minister of Co-operative Governance an.

Terre'Blanche's death does not signal end of racism

By unknown | Apr 06, 2010 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

THE life of horror of black farm workers is an ugly legacy of the ANC government. Farm workers are regularly brutalised and murdered with little consequences.

THE life of horror of black farm workers is an ugly legacy of the ANC government. Farm workers are regularly brutalised and murdered with little consequences.

It's therefore not too difficult to imagine the two black men who allegedly murdered Eugène Terre'Blanche as total victims. It was either their lives or Terre'Blanche's.

They did the most natural thing under the circumstances - self-defence! All justice-loving people must do everything to make sure that the two suspects do not suffer a judicial lynching!

We must do all within the law to find the best legal defence as we ponder the meaning of such a terrible end to such a terrible man!

This brings me to Julius Malema. Is this man a raving lunatic. A big wrong! Given what is happening now, including the anxieties in the white community, it's about time we explained the popularity of Malema among the poor masses.

Malema might come across as crazy but he performs an excellent role as a diverter of attention from the real questions we must ask the ANC.

The truth is most blacks experience increased poverty, disease, bad education and healthcare.

On the other hand white racism in its multiple forms is rampant. Economic racial inequalities lead to racism in the everyday interaction between blacks and whites. Basically, life for blacks remains an experience of humiliation.

This is not the fault of white people, it's a result of the failure of the ANC to end racism through transforming the economy to serve the majority instead of BEE for a few.

Whites practise racism because they can. We blacks remain a powerless majority. Our political power is being neutralised by the ANC, because failure to transform society to end racism means the ANC is allowing the likes of Terre'Blanche to do as they please with blacks. The terrible Terre'Blanche is dead, but racism and white supremacy are alive.

The rise of Malema must be understood as a logical outcome of the failure of the ANC. The excluded majority are getting restless. The ANC needs a big rescue plan. Malema is the man, and this is the political genius of the ANC.

The ANC is potentially facing a militant upsurge of the poor. It's here where Malema becomes important. He understands the restlessness of the excluded better than most. Through his reckless rhetoric, Malema diverts attention from the real source of the majority's exclusion. He directs the angry black youth to believe the white hobos are responsible for their poverty and marginalisation.

Malema is not a radical nor a revolutionary. He is a businessman after the tenders. The sudden endorsement of President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe must also be understood within the context of Malema's self-projection as a warrior of the people.

Through his association with Zanu-PF he knows he can cash in on the emotional attachment the excluded and landless have for Mugabe. Malema and the ANC have no desire to do any of the things Mugabe did. After Malema has done his thing the masses will remain holding empty promises!

l The writer is publisher of New Frank Talk


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