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Diesel cars - it's not easy to tell

By unknown | Mar 31, 2010 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

I DRIVE a 2007 model VW Golf 1,9 TDI. I bought it as a demo model with 23000km on the clock. It has now done 112000km. During the time that I owned the car, the clutch has had to be replaced twice - the first replacement lasting only six months.

Both times the diagnosis of the workshop was that the clutch was "worn out".

The second time the flywheel was also replaced. (I am not sure about the first time). The clutch repairs have cost me nearly R17000. Apart from this I enjoy the car very much.

I would like to hear your views on whether I should keep the car longer or if it's time to change it. I have grown fond of a diesel, but people have warned me about diesel cars.

- Tobatsi Segele, Pretoria.

There is a widely held belief in the motor trade that a turbo-diesel car (and all diesel cars have turbos these days) is wonderful to drive, provided you buy it new and sell it just before the warranty expires. I don't know to what extent this cynical view is based on facts and figures.

The manufacturers are certainly not going to tell us how many of their turbo-diesels develop serious engine trouble within two years, say, after thewarranty expires.

It might well be that the doubts about the longevity of turbo-diesels are blown up (so to speak) out of all proportion.

Nevertheless, if I were in your shoes, and my finances allowed, I would rather play it safe and get rid of the Golf at this stage.


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