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Sisulu, Radebe reacted lowly to Cope's bid

By unknown | Mar 24, 2010 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

ANC MPs' response after Cope tabled the vote of no confidence in the president are disheartening. For seasoned politicians Jeff Radebe and Lindiwe Sisulu to insult Cope MPs confirms that cancer infests our politics.

Nothing of substance was given to dismiss Cope's motion. Sisulu told its leader that he had "legitimised Cope under his bishop's cloth. Get out and go and serve the church". This demonstrates that she is unaware that Cope is in Parliament because of a mandate by 1,3million voters and therefore has a duty to perform.

Cope seems more acquainted with the realities, that the majority of South Africans want to see the back of President Jacob Zuma quicker than 2014.

The president has failed to inspire confidence to chart a clear vision for the country. His emergence to power has turned our state into a scandalous theatre that has turned sober newspapers into tabloids.

Sisulu and Radebe should have given reasons of how Zuma is managing HIV and Aids when he is a philanderer of note and is not aware of the risks involved. His behaviour is more detrimental than former president Thabo Mbeki's approach.

Radebe is right. People did not elect a pope, but they didn't want a lame-duck president who doesn't seem to be in control as is evident in his poor reading of speeches, as if he doesn't know its contents.

Sisulu must have lost her mind calling Cope MPs a "stupid bunch of sore losers who were sour at democracy".

By telling Bishop Dandala to return to the church, she is saying that politics is for vultures like herself and there is no place for leaders with integrity and ethics.

Lukhona Mnguni, Umbilo


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