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Labour brokers won't be banned

By unknown | Mar 10, 2010 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

LABOUR brokers will not be banned - and both Cosatu and the DA are celebrating.

A deal was struck in yesterday during a labour portfolio committee meeting in Parliament to change labour laws - instead of banning labour brokers.

Cosatu, SACP and Young Communist League have been running a campaign to ban labour brokers, accusing them of perpetuating "modern-day" slavery.

The labour committee now wants to amend the law to ban certain abusive practices by labour brokers.

The Department of Labour will also be asked to come up with a new legislation to define "employers" and "workplaces".

Labour committee chairperson Lumka Yengeni told Sowetanyesterday she did not want to use the language of "banning" or "regulating". She said Parliament was likely to repeal section 198 of the Labour Relations Act.

Section 198 says that if a labour broker provides its own workers to a client, those workers are considered employees of the labour broker - not the client.

This will be amended so that whoever hires the labour broker then becomes the legal employer of the workforce.

Labour law attorneys said they would not be able to say if the move would benefit workers until they saw the new draft legislation. - Anna Majavu


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