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Jomo's slip

By unknown | Mar 09, 2010 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

JOMO Sono cannot pretend he did not see it coming.

JOMO Sono cannot pretend he did not see it coming.

The end of the league season last weekend, with Sono's team, Jomo Cosmos having registered a mere four wins out of 30 matches, can only be seen as a fortuitous upturn in putting the hapless club out of their misery.

Ever denialist, the Black Prince had held on to the fantasy that despite losing matches week in and out, Cosmos would somehow avoid relegation at the end of it all.

Cosmos' unlamented demise is a lesson to all who, like Sono, have not learnt the valuable art of delegating.

Having been chairperson, coach and mascot of his club it was no great wonder that the club floundered.

If Sono ran his businesses the way he runs his club, he would have been a pauper by now.

It is time for him to take to heart the call of many football fans who say that Sono must swallow his pride and fire the coach, if only to save his stature as one of our greatest football personalities of all time.


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