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Mkhwebane leaves Zuma‚ Van Rooyen interdicts

The new public protector says she will leave the dispute over the state capture report prepared by h.

Apartheid still a bother

By unknown | Mar 05, 2010 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

ONE of the silliest cases to have come before the Equality Court has finally been settled.

ONE of the silliest cases to have come before the Equality Court has finally been settled.

The court found that there was nothing wrong with former Reserve Bank governor Tito Mboweni asking businessman Mario Pretorius not to speak to him in the manner white people used to speak to blacks during apartheid.

Pretorius was, consciously or not, climbing on to a bandwagon that seeks to create the impression that the realities of apartheid exist merely as figments of the imagination of its victims.

He might never personally have spoken to black people in a condescending manner, but even the most disinterested observer during the apartheid era would have been aware that power relations entitled collective white society to assume itself above collective black society.

Speaking to them as though they were inferior was merely one aspect of the manifestation of white supremacy.

A scam perpetrated against history continues to seek to deny this historic reality. There is a concerted effort to ridicule those who point to this historic fact or to accuse them of carrying a chip on the shoulder.

The history of the subjugation of black people in South Africa will not be wished away by attempting to shout down black people who demand the dignity that is their birthright.

Pretorius and any other person who thought they were entitled to go on as if it was business as usual had better heed the court's judgment because it will never ever be acceptable for white people to speak to blacks in the manner they used to during apartheid.


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