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ANC is sowing revolution

By unknown | Mar 05, 2010 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

THE ANC government should know that their revolution can never be sustained by aid for the poor.

THE ANC government should know that their revolution can never be sustained by aid for the poor.

Instead they should focus on sustainable development. They must teach us to fish rather than spoon feed us. Now they're giving R1000 food vouchers to unemployed people and extending the child support grant to 18 years.

As if that is not enough they are dishing out free ID books to illegal foreigners, thereby opening a floodgate and preparing fertile ground for xenophobic attacks.All that to buy votes in the -coming local government elections.

Something has to be done or our beloved country will take the same route as Zimbabwe. The Jacob Zuma-government is the weakest ever in the history of our young democracy.

Zimbabwe was once the jewel of Africa but because of the ignorant Zanu-PF regime, which never learnt from Juda that power can never be sustained by welfare and through the barrel of a gun, the treasure has turned into trash.

Only good governance will earn any regime peaceful sleep, not the corruption, greed and "tenderpreneurship" that has characterised this government.

Can a man survive by bread alone? And where will the money to aid half the country come from since tax revenue is not enough to cover free education? Yet Julius Malema advocates nationalising our mines. Poor child!

Soon liberation heroes will become villains like in other "ill-governed" African countries. Once the economy is destroyed, the masses will rise up. The likes of Julius Malema, like despicable dictators such as Moi, Mobutu, Mengistu, Mugabe, Nguema, Numeiri, Tailor and many others, will have no place to hide. Considering the direction South Africa is taking the turf for a revolution is being fertilised.

Welcome Nkosi, Progressive Youth Movement, Barberton


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