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Cost-cutting steps changed: National Treasury

The National Treasury appears to have watered down cost-cutting measures introduced during axed fina.

Grave insult

By unknown | 2010-03-03 00:00:00.0

IT WOULD have been funny were it not so serious.

IT WOULD have been funny were it not so serious.

The Sedibeng municipality in Gauteng, under which the historic township of Sharpeville falls, has decided that the march to commemorate one of the worst brutalities of apartheid, the Sharpeville Massacre, will commence from a nightclub.

It is bad enough that what in other countries would be national days are routinely commemorated as if they were historic bashes. To start a night vigil of such an important date in our history from a speakeasy is no less than spitting on the graves of those who died for the right to their innate dignity.

In the same way that it is unimaginable to think of Jews starting a commemoration of the Holocaust from a pub, black people have to ensure they preserve historical memory so that future generations are left with no doubt about the severity of the history lesson involved.