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Body parts sold to healer - cops

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THE body parts of a victim of a man accused of being a a serial killer were removed and used for muthi, the Ramsgate high court heard yesterday.

The court heard evidence that accused Thozamile Taki had allegedly told the police he had killed a man and taken his body parts to a traditional healer.

Captain Zenzele Khumalo described how Taki pointed out this alleged crime in Eastern Cape in 2007.

Khumalo said Taki had taken him and two colleagues to a cliff from which he allegedly said he had thrown three victims. No bodies were found as the area where Taki said he had dumped them could not be reached, Khumalo said.

A list of 15 people Taki had allegedly killed was presented to the court yesterday.

Superintendent Msizi Nyuswa told the court Taki had voluntarily drawn up the list, which also detailed where Taki had fetched the victims from before they were killed.

The list also contained the names of two women Taki allegedly said narrowly escaped being killed by him. They were Hleliphi Mnyamane and a woman only identified as Nokwezi from Durban's Lamontville township.

Nokwezi had survived because she did not have money when she met Taki in Durban, the court heard.

Nyuswa said Taki had asked him to give him a pen and paper and had started compiling names without being forced. He said Taki had told him verbally he had killed all 15 people on the list.

Taki's lawyer, Thulani Shange, wanted to know why his client was not asked to write down what had happened to the people on the list.

"I did not ask him to write it down," Khumalo said.

"He only said it verbally after he had finished compiling the list and I wrote it in my own statement."

Shange said his client would deny having said he had killed the people on the list. - Sapa


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