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Susana picks the comfiest bra

By Andrea Nagel | Feb 18, 2010 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

IT'S NOT surprising that the South African movie industry is finally getting some international attention.

With world-class talent coming out of our film schools and gorgeous actors and actresses poised to grace the big screen, audiences around the world are finally waking up and taking notice of local films.

This is certainly true of the new South African horror movie, Night Drive, produced by The Film Factory. The movie will be completed in two weeks' time and will be released in South Africa in the third week of July before being screened internationally.

Playing the role of businesswoman Helen Baker, gorgeous Susana Kennedy, brings some real glamour and sex appeal to the movie. It's a small role she plays in the film. Her real role was co-producing the movie.

It's a real screamer, she says. It's totally terrifying and the production is world class even though it was done on quite a small budget.

Night Drive is a gritty thriller-horror, set against the backdrop of the romantic African bushveld, where an eclectic mix of tourists is left stranded during a night drive.

It is only when they realise that they are being hunted by a group of poachers that the terror truly begins. The film is set in the present day and over one night only, but according to Kennedy the cast and crew have had a lot of fun over the months it took to film the action.

Kennedy is almost too gorgeous to be in this horror flick. If the killers get to her early on in the film the audience will surely lose interest in watching. We'll have to wait and see when the movie comes out.

Kennedy loves directing, producing and acting. "I'm a jack of all trades in the film industry," she says.

But she also admits to be totally mad about underwear. "I would definitely like to design my own line of underwear. I used to be a tomboy and grew up surrounded by boys. But now I like the girly stuff."

Before trying on the bras Kennedy says she likes the look of the Triumph bra best. "It has all the pretty details and is a gorgeous shape."

She tries this bra on first. "I love the strap details, which I think are very important as they often show under your shirt straps. It's a real push up. If you want cleavage, this is the one to go for."

The Mr Price bra with pink lace detail looks really pretty on. "I like the cotton. It's really comfortable and great for an everyday option."

The Woolworths W Collection bra is also made from a very comfortable fabric.

"It's slightly more luxurious and the plain shape without any details would work well under a T-shirt, but when I tried it on it pushed me up a bit too much. It's really tight."

Lastly Kennedy put on the La Senza bra and it is, like this multi-talented filmmaker, a real show-stopper.

"It's a wonderfully flattering shape. It's comfortable and it fits really well.

"It's the perfect compromise between sexy and comfortable," she says.


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