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Twenty-eight female guards were unfairly dismissed by a security company because the client‚ Metrora.

Conman poses as TV actor Ngubeni

By Patience Bambalele | Feb 18, 2010 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

AN imposter impersonatingtelevision actor Wright Ngubeni has been chatting up unsuspecting celebrities.

AN imposter impersonatingtelevision actor Wright Ngubeni has been chatting up unsuspecting celebrities.

The conman has allegedly created accounts on social networks Facebook and Twitter posing as Ngubeni. The imposter has been chatting up celebrities such as Lucia Mthiyane, YFM twins Hlelo and Lelo, Loyiso Bala and Bonang Matheba.

The person has also been gossiping about Rhythm City actors, accusing them of promoting night clubs. Ngubeni, pictured, who now appears on Rhythm City as Thula, confirmed yesterday that someone was pretending to be him.

"I noticed this late last year on Facebook that someone had created another account using my name.

"He used a picture of me but it looked like it was taken with a phone. I alerted people about this character."

The imposter then wrote on Twitter: "I'm not on Facebook, someone there is pretending to be me. You will only find me on Twitter, so don't believe everything you read."

Ngubeni said what worried him most was that the imposter talked about his colleagues on Rhythm City. "People will believe what he says on Twitter. For instance, he has said that he joined Twitter because of Bonang. Now people think that I want her."

One of the imposter's messages reads: "Try putting Pam Andrews and Kelly Khumalo in one room. All of a sudden the green room feels like Club Inc. Dressing room crisis, good morning."

Ngubeni believes the imposter is someone who works in the industry. "People must be thinking I am crazy to talk about my job like that on Twitter."

Matheba confirmed that "Wright Ngubeni" sent him a message.

"He said I was the first person he searched for on Twitter and he was happy to chat to me. I welcomed him, thinking it was Wright," he said."

Apart from hoping that the imposter's account is shut down, there is not much Ngubeni can do to stop him.

According to Twitter laws, impersonation is a violation of the social network's rules and may result in permanent account suspension.

Twitter users are allowed to create parody, commentary or fan accounts.


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