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'WE'LL MAKE it ungovernable'

By Sipho Masombuka | Feb 15, 2010 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

Residents of Moutse in Limpopo have threatened to render the area ungovernable if Sicelo Shiceka, the Minister of Cooperative Governance, does not announce the results of the poll held to determine residents' province of choice.

The residents have been at loggerheads with the government since the area was incorporated into Limpopo from Mpumalanga in 2005.

Led by the Moutse Demarcation Forum and SACP, residents marched to the offices of the Sekhukhune municipality to demand that Shiceka release the results of the poll within 14 days or face their wrath.

The poll was held over five days in September last year and, according to Moutse Demarcation Forum chairperson William Ramphisa, unofficial results showed that the majority chose Mpumalanga.

"We were assured that the results would be announced before Christmas but we are still waiting and nobody is telling us why," he said.

Ramphisa said one of the terms of the voting process was that votes would be counted at the end of each voting day before the boxes were sealed and this is how they know that the majority was pro-Mpumalanga.

He said on the last day of voting the overall results showed that 75percent of participants chose Mpumalanga.

According to Ramphisa the government at first cited division on the demarcation issue as the reason for its inability to sort out the Moutse demarcation dispute.

"The poll was agreed on and now they are holding back the official results because the majority want to be taken back to Mpumalanga, something they (the government) do not want to accept," he said.

Ramphisa said the incorporation of Moutse into Limpopo was motivated by ethnicity as the majority of residents are Sotho-speaking.

"It was decided that we are better off in Limpopo among the Sepedi-speaking group than in Mpumalanga, where the majority are Swati and Ndebele, which takes us back to the apartheid-era Group Areas Act," Ramphisa said.

He said they would render the area ungovernable if the official results were not released by next Tuesday.

The department's spokesperson Vuyelwa Vika said they had submitted a report to the cabinet after the poll.


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