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'MEC's extramarital affair a private matter'

By Anna Majavu and Sapa | Feb 15, 2010 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

WESTERN Cape Premier Helen Zille says the extramarital affair of community safety MEC Lennit Max is a "private matter" that should not concern the public.

This after she hammered president Jacob Zuma for days after news broke of his extramarital affair with Sonono Khoza, daughter of soccer tycoon Irvin Khoza.

Zille said two weeks ago that Zuma had set back the fight against Aids by years. "No culture, polygamous or otherwise, justifies cheating on your wives. Zuma believes he is above the law and social norms," she said.

But last night she did an about turn on her own MEC's "extramarital affair", saying "an extramarital affair between consenting adults in private is not a matter that can be regulated by a political party, the state or the media".

Max went on special leave last Friday after he was accused of sexual harassment for the fifth time in his career.

Cape Town police clerk Belinda Petersen told tabloids that she gave Max sexual acts in exchange for him representing her in a disciplinary hearing in 2007.


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